A CBS Pioneer Regrets Stalled Progress

Posted by | December 31, 2011 | Industry News

December 30, 2011 Producer Bernard Seabrooks, first hired in ’55, retires; AP stories prompt Muslims to boycott Bloomberg breakfast; intern’s apparent suicide leaves paper in a auandary; Sun-Times readers chip in to send teen to college; Ethiopian court gives Swedish journalists 11 years; Essence hires Dawnie Walton as M.E. of website; Herbert Nipson, 95, was Ebony’s executive editor (12/30/11) Bernard-Seabrooks.jpg Daniel-Kemp.jpg Byron-Picket.jpg mosque-image.jpg bill-hall.jpg Dawnie-Walton.jpg bill-hall.jpg photo-tsr.JPG nipson_herbert.jpg mosque-sign.jpg Producer Bernard Seabrooks, First Hired in ’55, Retires AP Stories Prompt Muslims to Boycott Bloomberg Breakfast Intern’s Apparent Suicide Leaves Paper in a Quandary Sun-Times Readers Chip in to Send Teen to College Ethiopian Court Gives Swedish Journalists 11 Years Essence Hires Dawnie Walton as M.E. of Website Herbert Nipson, 95, Was Ebony’s Executive Editor Al Jazeera reported that Muslim leaders in New York object to police surveillance

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