A "Red Tail" Salutes Black Journalists

Posted by | January 28, 2012 | Industry News

January 27, 2012 Tuskegee Airman recalls role of the black press; “We don’t choose between being black, being journalists”; access to broadband Internet argued as social justice issue; Abu-Jamal out of “hole,” in general prison population; Arizona governor’s finger-pointing at Obama: “Boorish”; Puerto Ricans charge disrespect in CNN’s GOP debate; Thomas Tillman named deputy chief of CBS D.C. bureau; screenplay on activist black editor needs a backer (1/27/12) Obama-comic.jpg Maureen_Roscoe.jpg Gwen.Award_.jpg Tillman.jpg rtails_obama_tsr.jpg madison-stockley.jpg Trotter.jpg LosAmericans.jpg twinsInsider_blogHeader.jpg Tuskegee Airman Recalls Role of the Black Press “We Don’t Choose Between Being Black, Being Journalists” Access to Broadband Internet Argued as Social Justice Issue Abu-Jamal Out of “Hole,” in General Prison Population Arizona Governor’s Finger-Pointing at Obama: “Boorish” Puerto Ricans Charge Disrespect in CNN’s GOP Debate Thomas Tillman Named Deputy Chief of CBS D.C.

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