5 More Latino Journalists Flown to Israel

Posted by | January 31, 2012 | Industry News

January 30, 2012 Jewish group sees chance to influence Hispanics; Cartoonist draws a Super Bowl to make a Democrat smile; Gingrich wants no reporters as moderators in the fall; polling data on State of the Union was a year old; Bob Reid retires from Africa Channel; moving to Ghana; 6 journalists arrested in occupy Oakland actions; awards for playing the maid: Something to celebrate?; columnist challenges U.S., aid groups on jailed journalists; Wallace Terry’s “close, professional” relationship With LBJ Hispanic Journalists in Jerusalem 1-12.jpg nyer.jpg bob_reid.jpg Hispanic Journalists in Jerusalem_t.jpg the_help.jpg Kristof.jpg wallace_terry_lbj.jpg dinh.jpg Jewish Group Sees Chance to Influence Hispanics Cartoonist Draws a Super Bowl to Make a Democrat Smile Gingrich Wants No Reporters as Moderators in the Fall Polling Data on State of the Union Was a Year Old Bob Reid Retires From Africa Channel; Moving to Ghana 6 Journalists Arrested in Occupy Oakland Actions Awards for Playing the Maid: Something t Cartoonist Draws a Super Bowl to Make a Democrat Smile ” Barry Blitt , the artist responsible for this week’s cover, ‘ The Big Game ,’ won’t be watching the Super Bowl,” according to the New Yorker magazine.

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