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Univision Forums Make News, Ratings

Posted by | September 22, 2012 | Industry News

September 21, 2012 Obama concedes failure to reform immigration; unfortunate juxtaposition at AP Media Editors; story on pastors urging a pass on voting is suspect; misleading photos on National Review, Drudge, Fox; right-wing organ denounces Jim Avila as activist; Roberts undergoes transplant; too much coverage?; judge rules anti-Muslim video remains on YouTube; L.A. Times uses Ford money to hire 5 reporters (9/21/12) Univision_t.jpg Univision.jpg ap_diversity_panel.jpg National Review-altered signs.gif drudge-20120920-obama-pirate.jpg jimavila.jpg -9-19-12.jpg Obama Concedes Failure to Reform Immigration Unfortunate Juxtaposition at AP Media Editors Story on Pastors Urging a Pass on Voting Is Suspect Misleading Photos on National Review, Drudge, Fox Right-Wing Organ Denounces Jim Avila as Activist Roberts Undergoes Transplant; Too Much Coverage?

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